Week 15-Youtube

Oh well, finally it comes to the week 15 which is the last week of this course. To be honest, I am quite stress up with the overloaded assignments that have the same due date. That’s the consequences of doing last minutes work ! sigh.

But I believe that everyone have the very own way to release stress level isn’t ? Sing K, blogging, exercising, shopping, talking ….. these are all the possible ways for us to relax our mind from stressful environment for a while.

My way to release my stress level would be listening songs ! But, I have limited time to go out to buy those CD or album. Hence, I really like YouTube channel to the max ! It saves my time and money as I don’t have to step out from house but still able to enjoy those good music that available in the channel. From MTV, comedy shows, movies, advertisement and even videos about education info can be found ! Seriously I think the channel has did a really great job in providing such a convenience FREE channel for us.

Well, do go to the channel and select your favorite songs and listen to reduce your stress level like me now ! haha

Till then.



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