Week 11-Attention spam

While I was doing my research for assignment, I browse through the net and found this article  and this article  from an educator Lisa’s blog.

The topic had caught my eyes- Is technology ruining attention spam ?

I personally think that technology may affect a child’s attention spam as it may help in increasing or reducing the hour spend. As we all know in order to get the children to learn the best, we would need to meet their interest and needs. For example, when we allow the children to use computer to play some education software game for their mathematics, some of the children would definitely willing to spend longer time on doing the exercises or playing the games with computer. Even though they are facing computer, but they are doing the appropriate activity. However, if we allow the children to use computer in other inappropriate way, they might misuse it and cause their attention spam in normal learning hour to shorten as they were addicted in using computer for useless purpose.

Hence, I still believe that guidance from adults are important when the children are too young to expose to ICTs world nowadays.

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