Week 11-Professional Experiences

Oh no ….! My professional experiences for this course has officially started since last week. I am busy planning on the lesson that is appropriate for the group of children that I’m going to handle.

I am trying to integrate ICTs into my lessons to enhance children’s learning but not fulfill the assignment’s rubric requirement. I am planning to integrate different ICTs tools such as computer, camera, printer, smartphone and software. The planning is still going on although I just carry out one of the lessons. The results were satisfying where the children were able to cooperate well and listen to my instructions. Thank God they did not spoil any gadgets that I brought into the class. ><

Till then, more sharing to come till next lesson.  Oh by the way, I read Jia Lerk‘s blog post about her experience on her practicum about integrating ICT into the lesson and how she manage the class and I think that she did quite well. (=


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