How would you measure a success ICT integration ?

This title from study desk had caught my eyes – How would you measure a success ICT integration ?

For me, I wouldn’t say whether am I being successful or not because I believe that there’s always a space for me to improve myself. Somehow I feel that a success ICT integration is come from children’s responses towards what we teach. Each child is unique in their way. They have different interest and needs. Every child is different. Children develop differently, have different personalities, possess different strengths and require different kinds of support to meet their individual needs (Australia Childhood Foundation, n.d.). Hence, some of them might showing lower interest in ICT’s during the lesson but majority are giving a good respond. So, can we say the teacher is not success in integrate ICT into lesson because there’s one child do not pay much attention ?

Well, different people have different perceptive in things and that’s what makes us unique in our own way. I think that it is depend on the teacher on preparing types of lesson he wants and integrate ICT into appropriate place. Moreover, we also need to consider child’s need as we have to teach them how to choose a right tool for himself but not tell him which is the wrong one but did not tell why. As Yinsan mentioned in her blog, It is very important for children to understand that using ICT is not for entertaining only yet it helps to develop their learning experiences. Therefore, we need to be alert on what’s the thing that the child is doing with computer or any gadgets. Teach them how to make a right decision for themselves as well as for learning purpose.


Chee Hoi.



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