So, Hurting or Helping ?

I was inspired to write about this post after read through Erica and Eunice’s blog post about Computer in Preschool, Hurting or Helping ?

So, do it hurting or helping ?

Let’s not talk about using computer in preschool first. I would like to share my own experiences about using of ICT’s in my house. So, me and my siblings have own laptop and will facing to it most of the time (in previous). Then, here came my mom complaning about the negative effect of laptop to us and always wanted us to stay away from laptop if possible. So we’ve cut down the using of laptop to stop her from ‘nagging’ us (but we knew it is for our own good). Until recently, mom got her first gadget (new mini Ipad) from relatives as her birthday gift. We seen her addicting to the most popular game recently – Candy Crush.! She is with her mini Ipad most of the time and was so enthusiasm in playing the game. She even requested us to create a facebook account for her so that she can add friends and sent request for live to play the game. So, is this hurting or helping my mom? Is the ICT’s helps my mom to use her brain more frequent as she needs to think of different ways to play the game? Or in another way round, it is hurting my mom as she is transforming from a non-gadget person to a gadget freak now ?

Back to the topic, computer in preschool, hurting or helping? I would say that it is not overly hurting the students as long as teacher is there to guide them on how to use it correctly and help them to learn which to choose for their own benefits.

There’s no right or wrong for exposing to ICT tools. Just like my mom’s case, if she never have any mini Ipad, will she still realized that she is actually a good player in games? HAHA ! God knows.

Chee Hoi.

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