What is the future of technology ?

Hi all, so recently I was very curios about everything. -,- (I sounds like a kid I know). Everyday I’m curios about anything that happen around me. For example, when I was driving, I will wonder what’re the other drivers heading to, why they are driving alone(in fact I was driving alone as well), I was curios why human don’t have a flexible wings to fly to the sky or whenever we want ……………

I thought I was going insane and there’s something wrong with me. HAHA !

So, I google curiosity and wish to find out more about my curiosity. Then, I accidentally found a website – Curiosity.com. I clicked in and was amazed by all the curiosity’s incident or topic in it. Some of the topics in the website are not even came across my mind once since I born. -,-

I found one in it which I think it is a very interesting topic to discuss on. What is the future of technology?  

What’s the future of technology ? For me, I would say that technology will continue grows as time goes by. It is something that human cannot stop explore and expanding it since it benefit us a lot and make our life much more convenient.

Well, what’s your thought ?


Chee Hoi.



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