A successful ICT integration

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So I’ve just posted my answer in the Week 4 forum regards of the question – how you will measure the success of ICT integration?

This is my answer, 

In my opinion, a successful ICT integration is when children have better understanding of what we have taught earlier on and they able to make use of the tools of ICT even during their time spending at home. 

I would like to expand more here.

A successful ICT integration isn’t about the quantity of the ICT tools we integrate in our lesson but is depend on the quality given to the children. ICT tools are able to help in children’s learning as we have met their interest. In my point of view, I would think we need to really understand the needs and interest of our children in order to plan an appropriate lesson for them. Different class have different type of children and each of them are unique and different with each other. Hence, we need to find out what’s the children want and then only able to integrate ICT into our lesson to fit their needs. Kilpatrick suggests that the starting point for education is ‘the actual present life of the boys and girls themselves, with all their interests and desires, good and bad’ (Kilpatrick 1918, quoted in Pring 1976:47).

In conclusion, I would say that different people have different point of view towards a successful ICT integration. However, I believed that at the end of the day, we would still want the best for the children, but, perhaps the method and philosophy is different. What you think ?



Chee Hoi.


Kilpatrick, W,H. (1918). The project method New York: Teachers’ College of Columbia University.


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